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The 12 Yorkshire beers of Christmas

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It's dark at 4.30pm, there's a chill in the air - that must mean it's Christmas beer season!

Here are 12 festive beers from indie breweries across North and East Yorkshire for you to enjoy this Christmas. Or now, why not, 2020's been quite a year.

From spiced porters to hoppy IPAs, there's something for everyone. Cheers!

1. Brass Castle Brewery - Christmas Kitty

We always love it when Christmas Kitty starts popping up! This year, Bad Kitty's Christmas makeover as a 5.5% festive-spiced vanilla porter is in 440ml cans for the first time. It's also gluten-free and vegan, so more folks can enjoy!

Already sold out at Brass Castle, catch it while you can from Trembling Madness or BellyRub Beer. If spiced beer isn't your thing, you could try Brass Castle's other winter seasonal, Burnout, a 5.8% beechwood smoked porter.

2. Brew York - Fairytale of Brew York

This year's Fairytale has gone nuts! A 4.9% peanut and pecan milk stout with maple, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon. You can grab it at the Brew York shop.

This year, there are two newcomers to the Brew York Christmas range - Dreams of Brew York, a 6.5% cranberry & blueberry pastry sour and Nightmare of Brew York, a 9.8% coffee and walnut imperial milk stout. They've flown off the shelves at Brew York, but you can still find them at Trembling Madness (see links).

3. Treboom - Spicecracker

A 5.1% ruby winter ale spiced with cinnamon, ginger and allspice. Beautifully packaged in a 750ml corked bottle, this would be a lovely gift for a loved one (or yourself!).

Available from Treboom's shiny new online shop, or directly from the brewery.

4. Turning Point - Remain in Your Grotto

Is a beautiful pint of beer all you want for Christmas? Grab your favourite pint glass and a minikeg of Remain in Your Grotto, then sit back, relax and enjoy 8 (ish) pints of this 5.5% IPA packed with juicy hops.

Order from the Turning Point shop for delivery or collection. Why not check out the Christmas gift packs too, or pick up a UFO pint glass to match?

5. Half Moon Brewery - Donner & Blitzen

A pair of festive pales to brighten your Christmas! Blitzen, a 4.3% citrus pale, is joined this year by partner-in-crime Donner, an easygoing 3.8% tropical pale.

Get yours from Half Moon's online shop.

6. Daleside - Santa's Progress

A Christmas pints-at-home option for ale drinkers, Santa's Progress is a 4.2% burnished gold ale with fruity aromas and a malty finish. Available in 5 litre bag in box (8 ish pints) and bottles.

See Daleside's Twitter for details to order.

7. Rudgate - Evil Elf

Wish you were spending Christmas on a beach? Evil Elf is a 4% tropical pale ale, so might be just what you need. Grab a case, turn the heating up and spread out your beach towel!

Available from the Rudgate online shop, along with Christmas gift packs.

8. c84 - Project 25 Gingerbread Pale

Want something spiced, but don't like dark beers? Project 25 could be the Christmas beer of your dreams! A 4% pale ale with English hops and real gingerbread folk, giving a biscuity backbone with a hint of spice.

Snaffle yourself some from c84's webshop, where you can also find Santa's Tipple, a 6% spiced chocolate orange under their previous Great Yorkshire Brewery incarnation.

9. Bone Machine - Yule Goat

Something to contrast all the rich food, Yule Goat is a 5.5% cola cherry dark sour made in collaboration with Hop O'Clock.

Pre-orders are flying out from the Bone Machine online shop, don't miss out!

10. Harrogate Brewing - Plum Porter

It's not specifically a Christmas beer, but it always seems festive to us! A real winter favourite, Plum Porter is a 4.8% porter with loads of plums and luscious chocolate malt.

Available from the Harrogate Brewing Co online shop for local or national delivery.

11. Atom Beers - Isotope

Ok, ok, this one really isn't a Christmas beer, but we think that with its big malty sweetness, it'll fit right in. A 10% wee heavy, this Scottish-style dark beer is rich and dessert-like - perfect for post-dinner collapsing on the couch.

Find it at the Atom online shop.

12. York Gin - Chocolate & Orange

This one's not even beer, but what could be more Christmassy than a chocolate orange? Inspired by the original Terry's Chocolate Orange invented right here in York, it's got potential for all sorts of festive cocktail treats.

Available from York Gin's online shop, where you can also pick up branded glasses.

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